Football Stadium (can be used for scrap)$2,500(Brenham, TX)

This may sound like an odd thing to sell but at GovDeals we do it all the time! Blinn College is auctioning off their stadium on GovDeals is an online auction website strictly for government items. For more information or to place a bid copy and paste this url into your browser: or go to and type 5174-23 in the search bar and click the QAL option. Price reflects current high bid | There are currently no bids on the stadium Blinn College Football Stadium Bleachers and Press box Demo You are bidding on a set of Football Stadium Bleachers and Press Box to be sold for salvage. The Bleachers are 260' x 51' and include the metal framing, wooden landings, wood and aluminum seats, metal railing, etc. The Press Box is an 8' x 44' wooden framed structure located atop the Bleachers. All Material related to the Bleachers and Press Box shall be removed except, the steel beam and supports for this beam, directly above the existing Field House. You are bidding on the Bleachers and Press Box ONLY. The field house located directly under the bleachers is not included and care should be taken by the successful bidder to not damage this facility or the roof mounted HVAC units. The college will have all electrical and communication sources to the structure disconnected prior to commencing. The Football Stadium Bleachers and Press Box are being sold as is. The successful bidder must acquire all permits and licenses applicable for the dismantling and removal of the structures. Complete removal of all materials including cleanup of debris shall be completed within sixty (60) days of award. Payment in Full will be required prior to commencement of removal. Proof of Liability insurance and Worker's Compensation insurance, as outlined in this notice, must be furnished prior too removal. A performance Bond or cashier's check equal to $ 10,000.00 must be submitted prior to commencing work, said bond or check to be returned to successful bidder upon satisfactory completion of the project. The structure is located at 810 W. 5th Street Brenham, Texas on the campus of Blinn College. To view the structure prior to submitting a bid make an appointment by contacting the Blinn College Physical Plant between the hours of 8:00 am -- 4:00 pm Monday -- Friday. For questions you can reply to our ad or visit