Two antique style bird prints matted and framed, under glass. In very good condition. Each measures about 20 wide x 18 tall. Prefer to sell together, but will sell individually for $15 each if you can use only one.
Heavy wall panel artwork that measures about 17 1/2 wide x 40 tall. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. Made of some sort of heavy composite material. I d guess it weighs between 20 and 30 pounds. In very good condition. Very pretty and unusual - a quality item. Purchased about 12 years ago from Carol s Lighting in Houston.
13 vase/cup with pink ribbon. 1 glass bowl Ribbon can be taken off and used as cups
Framed print of original painting on canvas board type material. Was stored in non-climate controlled storage unit for a couple years, and print has bowed out a bit toward the front, and the backing paper has loosened around the edges. Frame was not affected by the storage. Purchased over 10 years ago for more than $200. Price reflects the detrimental effects of the storage.


5 White ceramic jars ready to paint One is chipped.
Framed art print (canvas like texture/feel) from Bombay Company in very good condition. A few minor nicks on frame that aren t noticeable when hung. See last two pics for samples of frame nicks and scuff. Purchased 10+ years ago for over $200. Measures about 34 3/4 wide x 34 3/4 tall.
A framed and triple matted (under glass) print of Samuel Waller s 1899 painting. Measures about 42 wide x 31 tall. Heavy duty piece. Small nicks to frame that could easily be touched up with stain - see last pic for indicative image of typical damage. Paper covering back is in poor shape due to age, but no other damage. Purchased in 1991 and used/kept indoors.
Print of 1906 painting by Albert Maignan. Double matted under glass in heavy ornate frame. Minor damage to frame at corners - not noticeable when hung. Measures about 36 3/4 tall x 41 wide. In good condition.
Reversible 50 square table cloth. Colors are pastels with a scalloped hem all the way around
Approx 23 x 28 Repurposed Vintage Cabinet Door Very Nice Condition - Ready to Hang
Looking for metal pieces similar to this. Size and color are not really an issue. Don t have any particular in mind, just know it when I see it type thing.